Tip on how to get basic stuff for moving in/being new to Heidelbeg: Flohmärkte

So, the Woolworths in Heidelberg is has been closed for several months now RIP (it was probably the last one in the world, the last I have seen in 10 years at least)… where to get random stuff that you need when you move into a new place that you didn’t realize you needed until you find out you don’t have it? (like a power cable, lamps, a chair etc… or, A BIKE (get a bike as soon as you get here). You can find bikes at the Flohmarkt (like a Flea-Market) for between 20 and 100 Euros. You don’t have to spend a lot, if you get one here. You can find a list of dates for the Markets at the city website:


and they are held at: Messplatz Kirchheimer Weg, which you can reach by taking the Tram line (Straßenbahn) 26 from Adendauerplatz in the direction of Kirchheim Friedhof until you arrive at the Kirchheimer Weg stop. It is not a long ride.

There are also occasionally student-markets at the Marstall Mensa, where you can even sell things that you don’t need any more, which is especially useful when you are leaving Heidelberg: http://www.studentenwerk.uni-heidelberg.de/index.jsp


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