One Year in Heidelberg

This blog is a space for sharing some of the important things and observations that I find during my stay in Heidelberg with the UMass Amherst international exchange program.

For my first post, I would like to share some of the things that stood out in my first moments here – things I did not know in advance.

1) Wifi is not as readily available here as it is in some other European cities. Also, the student housing does not have a public wifi connection.

To remedy this, you must either use the library (if you are a registered student); or to use the internet after library hours (they only stay open until 01:00 during the semester), you will have to find a nice cafe. Additionally: for people who like to smoke, like to be in smoky bars, you are in luck here.

I have found three nice cafes in the old city where there is wifi access: google them!

Drugstore – very relaxed atmosphere, during the day classical music or jazz and chess players, at night 60/70/80’s music

Cafe-Bar Orange – relaxed, younger atmosphere, slightly hipster vibe, open later

The Petit Paris – quiet bar/resto, third choice, smoking room separate

2) There are no night shops or convenience stores – buy everything before 10:00 pm! No late night anything runs, unless it can be bought in cafe/bar.

and finally 3) If you are interested in the history of European Philosophy and are deprived of it in your North American philosophy department, this is a great place to take classes. In one semester, there were at least 7 or 8 classes offered on Hegel (also plenty of Kant, some Fichte/Schelling and Husserl/Heidegger etc)… no joke, a real gem here!

Otherwise, I have noticed that people here are quite friendly here and the city is dangerously English-friendly: beware of this if you want to learn German!


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